“Alexander: Forging Utopia” is a story based on the relationship between politics, history and culture,  centred around the construction of a national myth in the (Former Yugoslav) Republic of Macedonia – a state with no name, fixated on the dispute about origins so distant that they may have never existed at all.



144+20 pages, 43 plates, 207x263 mm, Munken Lynx 150gsm, hard cover, hand-coloured and waxed edges, self-published in the edition of 750 copies, including 200 copies with limited cover (pre-orders only) and 30+3AP in portfolio edition (TBA).

Designed by Olga Łacna / IFF

Regular cover, 550 copies

Limited cover, 200 copies

By purchasing this book, you contribute to my future fieldwork, as the entire revenue from this publication will be used as a trust fund to be invested solely in financing my work on future stories.


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